Case Study:

Building Community Connections Through Proactive Collaboration

Transforming Stanley Aviation into a vibrant community marketplace

The Project:
Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace, a historic post-war modern building initially built for Stanley Aviation, stood vacant for over a decade following the relocation of Denver’s Stapleton Airport. The marketplace was widely recognized as a prime opportunity for adaptive re-use, and it quickly caught our attention. We made it our mission to transform the 22-acre property into a bustling mixed-use project.

The transformation would require a project team committed to collaborating and creatively resolving challenges. With teamwork in-mind, we teamed up with Flightline Ventures and multiple design partners to take on the challenge. The goal was to create a vibrant gathering place for the greater Denver Metro area, housing over 50 unique food and retail concepts. This would be the first of its kind in the Denver Metro area.

Project Square Footage

Project Name: Stanley Marketplace

Location: Aurora, CO

Owner: Flightline Venture + Westfield Group

Architect: Workshop 8

Project Completed: June 2017

Square Footage: 140,000 SF, 22 Acres

Project Features:

The Overview.

The Requirements: Upgrading a 1950s vintage building to modern building codes, reinforcing structural integrity, and remediating soil contamination posed significant challenges.

The Structure: Integrating 50+ tenants into an aging structure while ensuring efficient plumbing connections and construction timelines proved to be a demanding task.

The Aesthetic: Revitalizing the Stanley Marketplace without erasing its colorful heritage required careful consideration and attention-to-detail.

“Our goal was to preserve as much of the original character and history of the building as possible.”

Joseph Vigil

Founding Partner  |  Workshop8

The Solution.


To streamline the construction process, we took a systematic approach to the challenge. We collaborated with designers and devised a centralized plumbing “loop” concept, offering tenants easy access to the main drainage system with minimal need for disrupting the new concrete floors. This system also provided for an easier transition when upgrading any space with a new tenant.

As it relates to the soil contamination challenge, Jonathan Alpert a member of the Flight Ventures team, stated, “They took charge and led the way” in ensuring that all sitework was completed in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) standards. This was a critical step in securing tax credits and related development incentives.


Embracing a collaborative approach, we prioritized teamwork over individual contributions. Our early engagement with design teams facilitated efficient problem solving. This ensured a smooth process from start to finish.

Jonathan Alpert went on to say that “the WCG Construction team was fantastic” in describing how our team worked side-by-side with the design teams to identify and resolve issues during design phase.


Transforming such a massive industrial property into a multi-tenant dining and retail facility took a visionary design approach and supportive community partners.

In reflecting on his experience working as a designer on the project, Joseph Vigil, Founding Partner at Workshop8, said, “Our goal was to preserve as much of the original character and history of the building as possible.” He went on to add that “having the WCG Construction team engaged so early in design process promoted a much more efficient design process and resulted in a more streamlined workflow during construction.”

The Result.

A Thriving Community Hub.

The collaborative efforts of the project team transformed Stanley Marketplace into a thriving community hub. By preserving the building’s history and character, proactively overcoming obstacles, and prioritizing collaboration, we were able to turn a dormant space into a vibrant community hub.

While the project faced a number of development hurdles, The WCG Construction team was able to successfully turn challenges into opportunities. We’re proud of our contribution to this ground-breaking adaptive re-use project, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of professionals.

If you are in the neighborhood, we welcome you to visit the Stanley Marketplace and its tenants, including Comida, Mondo Market, Zero Market, and many others.

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